The MoneyPages System™ Takes The Guesswork Out Of Pay Per Click Advertising.


We use a simple 7 step system to transform your PPC account

1. Single Keyword Ad Groups

Bidding on many keywords is killing your ROI, driving up your costs, and lowering your quality score.

Using single keyword ad groups will improve your Quality Score and click through rates as well as allow you to know what the customer wants and effectively lead them down the desired path.

2: Laser Targeted Ad Copy

Using step #1 we know exactly what the user is searching for; now your job is to give it to them.

Search is intentional and understanding what the user is searching for allows you to create killer Ad headlines and copy that will separate you from the crowd.

3: Dedicated Landing Page

The foundation of our system is the "PPC Triangle Offense" which consists of a single keyword ad group, a targeted "next step" ad headline/copy, and a dedicated Money Page.

You already know what the user wants, enticed them to click your advertisement, now just give them what they want! No more, no less!

4: Headline & CTA

Once you get a user onto your dedicated landing page 80% of your success lies in your headline. A good headline will always "keep the scent" of the ad the user clicked as well as promise something that they want.

Now that your headline has appealed to the users interest's, it's time to use a potent call to action to get them to finish the process.

5: The Paradox of Choice

They say more options lead to fewer actions, and fewer options lead to more actions, and we believe "them"! A good landing page should have one option.

As Henry Ford famously quipped, "You can choose any color as long as it's black!" Our system builds a slippery slide that the user gets on once they enter that keyword into the search bar!

6: Scientific Tracking

The MoneyPages System follows the Kaizen philosophy of continual improvement. The foundation of the system is simplifying and eliminating waste which makes it much more controllable and easier to track everything.

Each touch point is tracked, measured, tested, and improved. The data should tell you what to do, not your ppc manager, your gut, or your friend who bought an online course.

7. Retargeting

As you control the keywords and ad copy, if a user clicks into the landing page it is fair to say they are interested in what's being offered.

A good majority, up to 96%, of users are not ready to make a decision right now. You can continue to "target" the users around the internet and bring them back. This will boost your ROI considerably as it gives you "another shot" at converting the user.

Who Is Behind The System?

The MoneyPages System was created to eliminate guesswork, identify waste, and make it easy to double down on what is actually working.

Gregory Berry

Greg is a serial entrepreneur who has created 5 successful companies and has been personally buying pay per click advertising since 2006. While operating a technology company helping users convert their websites to become mobile-friendly he heard the same question over and over, "Can you help us with our Google Adwords"? To help these customers turn their losing campaigns into cash generating machines, Greg spent a year creating, testing, and perfecting what is now know as The MoneyPages System.

Andrew Learner

Andrew is a Google Certified Adwords and Analytics Specialist. With years of experience in Digital Marketing Agencies—Andrew has developed the technical experience to manage very large Digital Ad campaigns. He’s the “roll-up-your-sleeves” technician that can get a profitable funnel running for you. Andrew is a self described data nerd that can transform even the most hopeless PPC campaign into a winner.


When you put your money where your mouth is and get paid only if you deliver results, winners take advantage.